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Start each month,

Join a collective cultivating positivity through affirmations, journaling and charitable support.

We meet on the first of each month virtually to support charities and organizations centered in addressing mental health in various communities. The collective also offers support in finding the right mental health service provider for any member.

All of this for a suggested donation of $5 each month to the featured charity. 


It is scientifically proven that repeating affirmations can improve your outlook. Each month, I provide the group with an affirmation that we repeat through our time together. 



While we're together, we journal using a prompt provided by your's truly. Then discuss for a little while. 



While it is free to participate, it is encouraged that Positivity Collective members contribute a suggested donation of $5 to the featured charity or organization each month. 


 Join the Collective! 

Each month you'll get an invitation for the upcoming Positivity Collective gathering. 

Thanks for joining!! 

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