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  • Keisha Gilles

Caring for a world

Original and


Passing each moment






Notions as they come and go

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  • Keisha Gilles

Meditating on my


Past the point of

Letting go


Needing to

Take control

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  • Keisha Gilles

I forgot ho to have fun

How to live life with l'esprit you get from wearing rose colored glasses.

I picked mine up the other day

only to find that they were


I put them on anyway

And as the cracked glass fell onto the apples of my cheeks

staining them with a violent blush

I realized my efforts were in vain

You see, it's impossible to be a carefree rose

when the darkness creeps with you are every step

waiting for you to forget.

And like a looming shadow it's a constant reminder that though you may be a rose

the world does not see you that way

Fuck that. I am going to make myself an new pair of glasses...

a mauve tone to accommodate the existing darker hues of reality

Yes. I think intentional respites in mauve will do.

Allowing for a full breath of view.

Shadows and light with a hint of color

And maybe I didn't forget how to have fun after all...

I'm just refraining it.

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